Which Project Management software?

monday.com software overview

monday.com is a visual team management software that enables a team to quickly add members, assign tasks, customize workflow, and track the progress of their work to completion.

monday’s project management platform promotes transparency, so that teams stay on top of their work without surprises. The centralized platform also supports collaboration that boosts productivity among teams and individuals.

Most importantly, it is a simple and easy-to-use tool that people enjoy using to get things done. Try monday.com free, or learn more about features and pricing below.

monday.com CRM & project management features

  • Team management toolmonday.com makes it easy for teams to get on-board and adopt the software. To build the team, users send an email to invite new members. For a quick start to any project, they can select from a list of templates for the project type or requirements. And the team can use templates concurrently for a variety of use cases to address different workflows. Assigning tasks to team members is easy, and the process is highly visual and transparent.
  • Customization: The team management software works for different types of teams. After setting up the team and project, users can customize and manage their workflow or process, whether simple or complex. Columns capture and visualize all the information the team needs to complete the project. The team members can choose to capture and view information about time, assigned team members, locations, and other information in text, number, link, and other data forms.
  • Visual Planning: monday.com provides users multiple options to plan projects and track progress. They can look at the overview or go into details with calendars, charts, files, Kanban boards, maps, or a timeline. The smart tools allow for visible planning, progress tracking, and advanced weekly view across multiple projects and teams.
  • Collaborationmonday.com includes built-in collaboration features, so users can have all their conversations, files, briefs, checklists, and spreadsheets in one place for easy discussion and review. This helps eliminate long meetings and confusing email threads. It has native iOS and Android mobile apps for keeping everyone in the loop even when on the go.
  • CRM: monday.com can be adapted for use as a CRM software to track sales contacts through the pipeline. monday.com’s CRM functions include lead capture from web forms, sales order tracking, pipeline management, and monthly target tracking.
  • Integrations: monday.com integrates with popular apps and services such as Dropbox, Excel, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Integromat, Slack, Trello, and Zapier.


monday.com offers several packages where price depends on the number of users. On a monthly basis, and for up to 5 users, the Basic plan is priced at $39 per month. This plan includes essential features such as unlimited boards, over 20 column types, native iOS and Android apps, Kanban view, embedded forms, 5GB of storage, and 1 week activity log. The higher plans Standard, Pro and Enterprise includes essential and advanced features. With these plans, users can share boards with multiple guests, have multiple integrations, and greater number of automations and dashboards. Security and support are also increased for these pricing tiers. A yearly subscription will result in an 18 percent discount, and a 2-year subscription in a 32 percent discount. A free 14-day trial period is offered.

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